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A new K-pop star is able to sing fluently in six different languages thanks to AI. 

May 16 2023

A new K-pop star is able to sing fluently in six different languages thanks to AI. HYBE, the entertainment company behind BTS and other notable artists, just announced a new AI project involving an artist named Midnatt. Speculation arose about whether Midnatt would be an entirely AI-generated group, but it turns out Midnatt is the alter ego of Lee Hyun, a longtime member of Korea’s music scene. Lee Hyun, who has been with HYBE since 2005, released a new single called “Masquerade” simultaneously in multiple languages, showcasing his goal to reach a global audience. The project used Supertone, an AI voice synthesis company acquired by HYBE, allowing Midnatt’s voice to be accurately reproduced in various languages. The use of AI voice synthesis tools like Supertone has raised concerns about copyright infringement, but Supertone ensures that its technology is not available to the general public and aims to distinguish real voices from synthetic ones. AI music is a hot topic lately and YPulse’s new AI Unpacked trend report shows music and art are having an AI renaissance as popular AI art generators on TikTok and Instagram, as well as AI-made songs like “Heart on My Sleeve” (made in the style of Drake and The Weeknd), become viral sensations. (Fast Company)