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Heineken is connecting gamers on a new digital platform. 

May 03 2023

Heineken is connecting gamers on a new digital platform. The brand just dropped Beer Matchmaking, a platform dedicated to pairing gamers for a better online gaming experience by helping them connect with other players based on skill level, availability, their favorite games, and other criteria. The initiative is part of Heineken’s “Not All Nights Out Are Out” campaign, which is the brand’s first to focus on games worldwide. The move was inspired by the pain point of wanting to game when friends are unavailable, but potentially being matched with a player with a much different skill level. The free platform can match users for several different games, including FortniteDestiny 2, and FIFA 23. In promotion of the experience, Heineken released collectible editions of its packaging inspired by different types of games featuring a QR code that directs consumers to the platform. While YPulse research shows young adults aren’t as into drinking, we do know the majority (95%) are into gaming. (Marketing Dive)