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Fear about AI possibly taking jobs is running high in the fashion industry. 

May 03 2023

Fear about AI possibly taking jobs is running high in the fashion industry. Backlash over the justification of AI models is igniting further fears in the world of fashion when it comes to the team of people who work with models. Namely, when Levi’s tested virtual clothing models generated by AI last month, other anxieties were stirred up that have been “simmering in the industry for years.” Ultimately, using AI models saves brands money without the need to hire hair and makeup stylists, model scouts, and other members of the production process; but while brands like Levi’s are promising to not entirely replace real human models, some brands are already using them for the wrong reasons in favor of AI. For example, startup Deep Agency, “allows users to create a virtual photoshoot with either synthetic models or an AI version of a real person” and models have reported undergoing body scans so that brands and designers are “able to design the clothes on virtually using a scan of the model’s body, rather than actually having to book the model in person.” (NBC)