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Mattel is launching a peer-to-peer marketplace for digital collectibles. 

Apr 25 2023

Mattel is launching a peer-to-peer marketplace for digital collectibles. With the help of “Rarible, a digital collectibles company; Magic, a digital wallet provider; and Flow, a blockchain application company,” the Mattel Creations Virtual Collectibles Platform will allow owners of virtual collectibles to display, trade, and sell their assets. While the platform first launched in November last year, this peer-to-peer update is coinciding with Series 5 of the Hot Wheels NFT Garage. The Series 5 digital collection includes “four common, two less common and one rare car,” and “buyers who receive a Premium or Treasure Hunt digital collectible will be eligible to receive a physical die-cast replica” as well. YPulse’s Where is The Metaverse? trend report shows 46% of Gen Z and Millennials have purchased or are interested in purchasing NFTs—showing these gens still look at digital assets as valuable. (Marketing Dive)