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Coach is reaching Gen Z consumers in a major way. 

Apr 21 2023

Coach is reaching Gen Z consumers in a major way. YPulse’s Luxury report shows “sustainable” is not really a term young consumers associate with luxury products, but Coach is quickly changing that. The luxury brand is tapping into Gen Z’s affinity for circularity by launching Coachtopia, a huge sustainability effort with an entire youth-focused line of bags and other items (priced a little below the regular Coach listings) that are made out of recycled waste materials. Basically, Coach’s new Gen Z-focused bags will be comprised of luxury scraps and repurposed into fun and trendy designs. The brand says its team is “rethinking the product lifecycle from beginning to end” and they’re including Gen Z designers in all things to do with the Coachtopia process. Coach found that Gen Z has a different mindset when it comes to sustainable luxury goods compared to older generations, who they said “would tell us that ‘we’re okay if you make it sustainable as long as we can’t see the difference. Make it invisible’. Gen Z tell[s] us ‘we want to see the difference.’” (Fashion NetworkNYT)