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Impossible Foods is getting in on the tiny food trend to celebrate Earth Day. 

Apr 20 2023

Impossible Foods is getting in on the tiny food trend to celebrate Earth Day. YPulse will be diving into the tiny food subculture in next month’s Subculture Series, but if you haven’t heard, tiny food is a huge social media trend that has Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and Millennials obsessed with mini versions of their favorite things. Mini kitchen-style clips have amassed nearly 2B views on TikTok and appear in more than 40K videos on Instagram, and while the trend has its roots in Japan (and started more than five years ago) it’s showing no sign of slowing. Now, Impossible Foods is leaning into the trend as the centerpiece of its Earth Day campaign. Along with Deloitte Digital, the plant-based company released a few short teaser videos called “The Mini Impact Kitchen” that show tiny plastic hands making various mini versions of food that incorporate Impossible meat. Each video shares “eco-friendly stats that say Impossible uses 92% less water, 96% less land and 91% less greenhouse gas emissions to produce than animal beef.” (Adweek)