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Gen Z leads the way when it comes to healthy eating. 

Apr 19 2023

Gen Z leads the way when it comes to healthy eating. According to a 2022 Food Insight survey, 72% of Gen Z Americans said they followed a diet or eating pattern in the past year—and they were more likely to do so compared to Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. But healthy eating to this gen isn’t just about calorie counting and losing weight, Gen Z is prioritizing “mindful eating” which includes incorporating snacks. In fact, 77% of Gen Z reported snacking at least once a day, with one-third (34%) saying they snack two times a day. When it comes to shopping for certain food benefits, Millennials are more interested in supporting their immune health and improving sleep while Gen Z is most likely to prioritize mental and emotional health as the top benefits they’re looking for. YPulse’s recent Cooking and Diets report data shows that 69% of both Gen Z and Millennials agree: “I don’t believe in diets, just in eating as healthy as you can.” (BBC)