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Fortnite’s new Coachella Island is a virtual replica of the music festival. 

Apr 14 2023

Fortnite’s new Coachella Island is a virtual replica of the music festival. This weekend, the biggest music festival of the year is kicking off—and the hottest influencers (like Alix Earle and Monet McMichael) are already en route and posting lots of content. But while the event is known to be a place for celebs and influencers to showcase their ‘fits for the feed, it’s also set on bringing in a new virtual crowd on Fortnite to reach gamers and those who can’t attend IRL. According to the game’s press release, “Coachella Island is ‘a new destination for creator-made music and art experiences in Fortnite.’” The island recreates the festival’s landscape and features “a slew of art installations recreated by the Fortnite community,” including the classic Coachella Ferris Wheel and balloon chains. So while they haven’t brought the musician lineup to the metaverse yet, Fortnite wanted to expand on last year’s collab with Coachella (which featured festival themed game accessories) by giving players a more immersive digital experience. YPulse’s Where is the Metaverse? trend report data shows 78% of virtual world gamers have or are interested in participating in a brand event in their virtual world. (Mashable)