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Three-quarters of British Gen Z have eco-anxieties. 

Apr 12 2023

Three-quarters of British Gen Z have eco-anxieties. YPulse told you the environment is one of the top causes European Gen Z are passionate about, and this finding is confirmed by a new study, revealing that most Gen Z in the U.K. are experiencing eco-anxieties. Worries over the environment are impacting their sleep and mental health the most. To fight climate change, Gen Z is outing their “fears into action” through participation in online protests like the #StopWillow on TikTok, which calls for support to stop an oil drilling project in Alaska—and went viral on TikTok. Young consumers are also keeping a lookout for brands making false claims about their sustainability. YPulse research shows that a third of European Gen Z have already taken part in a protest, rally, or march—and it’s a number we can expect to increase (online and IRL) as they look for more outlets for their growing eco-anxieties. (The Guardian)