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Puma is tapping four young activists in a new sustainability push. 

Apr 11 2023

Puma is tapping four young activists in a new sustainability push. The panel is taking inspiration from “research that found 71% of young people do not feel their voices are being heard when it comes to environmental issues and 49% say they would like brands to make more commitments in the area.” The four environmentalists from both the U.S. and U.K. include “Alice Aedy, a U.K.-based storyteller and co-founder of the Earthrise Studio; Andrew Burgess, a U.S. upcycler; Luke Jaque-Rodney, a sustainability and health vlogger living in Germany; and Jade Roche, a visual artist located in France.” Called the “Voices of a Re:Generation,” the coalition will help Puma better understand what resonates with young consumers throughout the year. YPulse’s Sustainability report shows that 81% of young people agree: “Corporations (e.g. companies, brands, etc.) should take more responsibility for fighting climate change.” (Marketing Dive)