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Gen Z loves dupes, but where does this leave luxury fashion brands?

Apr 11 2023

Gen Z loves dupes, but where does this leave luxury fashion brands? YPulse told you Gen Z can find a dupe for anything—and it looks like the trend isn’t slowing anytime soon. While “young consumers view some luxury items as products worthy of investment,” there’s just too many options that would exceed their budgets. This “price-sensitive and financially conscious generation” is determined to keep up with trends and the luxe fashion / beauty they see online and the best way for them to achieve that is through shopping secondhand and dupes. To protect your brand from being “duped,” young consumers suggest partnering with major retailers and even “developing multiple price points for different demographics and including affordable options for young customers.” Examples of brands who are exceeding with this at the moment are Heaven by Marc Jacobs and Diesel. The two brands are “creat[ing] pieces that are very one of a kind and with recognisable logos and prints that are very difficult to replicate.” (Vogue Business)