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Recovery high schools are helping kids with addiction. 

Apr 06 2023

Recovery high schools are helping kids with addiction. The U.S. has 43 high schools for students in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and one of them located in Colorado now has over 100 students enrolled since its opening in 2018. The Denver school’s mission is to help students learn how to live a substance free life while keeping up with their education at the same time. In addition to regular classes like English, math, and Spanish, the schools offer recovery meetings and wellness activities. A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that recovery school students have a better attendance rate than their peers at regular schools who have gone through treatment in traditional facilities, they’re “more likely to stay sober, and their graduation rate is at least 21% higher.” YPulse’s Health, Drugs, and Risky Behavior report shows that Gen Z’s drug use is on the rise, and while the majority (64%) still say they’ve never experimented with drugs, they’re less likely to say so compared to 2021 (72%). (NPR)