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Dollar General’s new DG Market is going viral on TikTok. 

Apr 03 2023

Dollar General’s new DG Market is going viral on TikTok. Young consumers are all about saving money in any way they can lately—YPulse data shows that reducing their food consumption and spending is one of the top ways they are changing their budgets because of inflation. Over the last year, we’ve also seen more turn to dollar stores for their everyday purchases, but “one of the biggest criticisms of the chain…is that while it does offer a variety of different food options, shoppers were mostly out of luck when it came to purchasing fresh produce.” This prompted Dollar General to launch DG Market, which includes an expanded grocery section shoppers are comparing to Aldi. Over the weekend, @tomcatbobby posted a now viral video with 1.9M views showing off the store’s clean and expansive interior, and the comments section is filled with users so shocked they’re asking if the store is real or an April Fools prank. (The Daily Dot)