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Young consumers don’t really care about luxury logos anymore. 

Mar 31 2023

Young consumers don’t really care about luxury logos anymore. YPulse told you how “logomania” peaked in 2018, but in a post-pandemic era, young consumers aren’t expressing much interest in donning flashy logos. Young consumers are typically excited about buying their first luxury product, which is why they ate up Gucci’s iconic gold double G belts, Balenciaga’s logo hoodies, sneakers and gym bags, the YSL crossbody bag, and Louis Vuitton monogram totes. But the desire for logos to be seen comes and goes, usually based around the economy. A Bernstein luxury analyst explained that “during times of recession or financial instability, it tends to be older, wealthier consumers who buy luxury—and these consumers tend to prefer subtler designs.” In fact, our research shows switching to generic brands, shopping more sales and deals, and even choosing lower quality items for the time being are among the top things young consumers have changed about their spending because of inflation in the last year. (Fast Company)