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A quarter of Gen Z in the U.K. now use genderless pronouns. 

Mar 29 2023

A quarter of Gen Z in the U.K. now use genderless pronouns. YPulse dove deep into the Gender Blur in 2019, and our research found that Gen Z was fueling a push for gender neutrality in their identities and culture at large. This generation has only continued to question the binary of gender in the years since, and new data shows that a significant number of Zs in the U.K. are shedding traditional gender pronouns—according to the study, 23% of 18-24-year-olds now use “they/them” pronouns. What’s more, nearly half have also added their gender pronouns in their email signature and social profiles in an effort to normalize sharing them. Understanding how this generation views gender is becoming a responsibility for brands, and YPulse’s research shows that most 13-39-year-olds feel their gender identities fall on a spectrum, with 63% agreeing that “masculinity” and “femininity” are styles that any gender can try on and take off when they want to. (The Times)