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A growing number of students are choosing apprenticeships over college. 

Mar 23 2023

A growing number of students are choosing apprenticeships over college. YPulse found that two in five Gen Z agree with the statement, “The pandemic has made me less interested in pursuing higher education” and, as a result, college enrollment is down across the country. According to federal data, “college enrollment has declined by about 15%, while the number of apprentices has increased by more than 50%” in the last decade. High school seniors are revisiting their options “after the pandemic prompted a historic disengagement from school.”  The nation is witnessing an accelerated shift away from the “‘college-for-all’ model toward a choice of either college or vocational programs—including apprenticeships.” Plus, these programs are becoming more accessible and interesting to Gen Z as a variety of organizations are participating. For example, construction was traditionally the main trade outside of college, but now businesses like McDonald’s Corp., Accenture PLC, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are creating banking, cybersecurity, and consulting apprenticeships. (WSJ)