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Landlord influencers are basically HGTV house flippers for TikTok. 

Mar 22 2023

Landlord influencers are basically HGTV house flippers for TikTok. The pandemic brought on a ton of home improvement, and it also ignited an interest in real estate investment among Gen Z and Millennials. The prospect of becoming their own landlord grew super appealing as more content on how to purchase and renovate a rental property became prominent on TikTok. This led to a rise in landlord influencers who built their fame and following by posting “fast-cutting clips with snappy captions and dance-music soundtracks” to show off their properties. Many preach about “the virtues of wealth creation and ‘passive income’ in expensive training courses,” and it’s locked in young people’s attention due to their desire to reach financial freedom—especially in uncertain economic times. But experts in the industry are warning about the dark side to this content, the fact that “landlords have a lot of obligations and responsibilities…there’s a risk in selling these models as an easy way to make money.” (The Guardian)