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Gen Z and Millennials are changing the party divide on gun laws in the U.S. 

Mar 22 2023

Gen Z and Millennials are changing the party divide on gun laws in the U.S. According to YouGov’s Change Monitor, “since 2020, the share of Americans who say gun control is their most important issue has increased”—and it spikes after each mass shooting event. In that same time frame, there have been nearly 2K mass shootings documented, compared to 1101 incidents total in the three years prior. While a deep political divide over gun ownership, rights, and policy continues, Gen Z and Millennials are proving to be the catalyst for change: Gen Z and Millennial Republicans “are more likely than older Republicans to believe that gun laws should be more restrictive (39% vs. 22%).” On the other hand, “this is in contrast to Millennial and Gen Z Democrats (69%) who, compared to their older counterparts (87%), are less supportive of restrictive gun laws.” But overall, 55% Gen Z and Millennials support more restrictive gun laws and YPulse research has seen gun violence move up on the scale of issues these gens are most passionate about in just the last six months. (YouGov)