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Are TikTok fitness influencers actually eating dog food for more protein? 

Mar 22 2023

Are TikTok fitness influencers actually eating dog food for more protein? YPulse research shows wellness can mean a lot of things to Gen Z these days but we’re not sure if that includes eating dog food. That’s right, some fitness creators are claiming to eat dog food as a part of their fit diet. They’re suggesting that dog food has high protein and low carb content, making it a healthy option for humans as well. User told his followers he’d give it a go if he received 15K likes (of course he received 2.5M) and uploaded follow-up video, which has received nearly 3M views where he downs a handful of kibble. But this trend is hopefully ending before it becomes mainstream as experts in a Healthline report are warning against the consumption of dog food, saying that it’s not formulated for human consumption and could actually harm humans. The high protein content in dog food could even lead to kidney damage. (Delish)