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ChatGPT is taking over college campuses. 

Mar 21 2023

ChatGPT is taking over college campuses. YPulse predicted AI would become a norm for Gen Z this year, and in just four months, the famous artificial intelligence chatbot has completely upturned educational practices and how students approach their assignments. At the start of the year (in an “informal and anonymous” poll), 17% of Stanford students admitted to using ChatGPT in their fall finals. Now that the tech is easily accessible to students, there’s nothing stopping them from using it to write up a “college term paper on command, or populate the answers to a midterm.” While some professors look at AI as “the greatest creative disruptor to education and instruction in a generation,” others are quickly adapting to the tech by making assignments more personalized by requiring them to “complete brainstorming assignments and essay drafts instead of just one final paper.” (The Hill)