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Some Gen Zs are using their credit cards to pay their rent. 

Mar 21 2023

Some Gen Zs are using their credit cards to pay their rent. YPulse’s Personal Finance and Services report data shows only 28% of Gen Z have a credit card, but those who do may be making risky purchases with them. According to a survey conducted by LendingTree, young adults are “charging more to their cards, including large transactions such as housing, car payments, and student loans.” As Gen Z matures, credit companies are targeting them more and incentivizing large payments like rent. For example, Bilt’s credit card target demographic is renters 21-35-years-old and the company gives users access to a feature that “automatically pays the rental charges from an associated bank account so that rent doesn’t contribute to the statement balance and they can still access their full line of credit.” Plus, companies like Plastiq are allowing users to charge expenses to their credit cards even if it’s not an accepted form of payment by a vendor, giving them the opportunity to “earn points on their monthly rent, mortgage, student loan, and car payments.” (BuzzFeed News)