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Mantras are having a moment on TikTok. 

Mar 17 2023

Mantras are having a moment on TikTok. YPulse recently told you about #LuckyGirlSyndrome (2.1B views), the viral TikTok trend that had users bringing luck through the use of positive affirmations. Now, the hashtag #Mantra on the app currently has over 1.6B views and features similar content like mantra meditations and manifestations that are intended to bring good health, luck, and especially cash. Research published on WebMD shows that “genuine mantra meditation improves well-being, increases calm, and reduces anxiety” which makes sense as to why it’s grown so popular among Gen Z and Millennials. YPulse’s What is Wellness? trend report shows that spiritual wellness is important to young people: 39% say spirituality is part of their definition of wellness, so this trend taps into their desire to look inwards to grow. (Mashable)