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TikTokers are dabbling in a “martini multiverse.” 

Mar 16 2023

TikTokers are dabbling in a “martini multiverse.” Cocktail enthusiasts argue that martinis are the most personal drink there is—and young people on TikTok are getting wildly creative with them. Over the last several months, trending cocktails on the Gen Z-loved app evolved from swapping olive brine for pickle juice in a dirty martini last summer to add-ins like pickled red onion, kimchi, and balsamic vinegar in December. This prompted a new TikTok series by Jilly Hendrix, (the founder and CEO of the low-ABV spirit company BODY Vodka) “Anything Can Be A Martini If You Try Hard Enough” where she went viral for a Caesar salad martini. More users are joining the trend and recently, Jazzton Rodriguez, (the co-founder of Very Good Drinks) went viral for his chicken soup martini. While Gen Z isn’t that into drinking, the trend may be enough to draw their attention to the alcohol industry thanks to their affinity for chaotic content. After all, this is the generation interested in pants-less fashion trends and eating oranges in the shower for wellness. (Bustle)