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The campaign that made insulin cheaper was originally a prank. 

Mar 03 2023

The campaign that made insulin cheaper was originally a prank. The move stems from writer Sean Morrow, who posed as pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in November (when trolls were circulating Twitter following Elon Musk’s update that allowed users to pay for verification). Morrow tweeted “insulin is free now” and the company awkwardly had to retract the false statement, which caused quite the uproar. Nevertheless, some good came out of the prank and the brand listened to their customers by bringing down the price. While the U.S. passed a law last year capping monthly costs of insulin at $35 for people with certain government health insurance, many people with private insurance were still subjected to higher costs. In response to the outcry of the high costs, drug giant Eli Lilly has announced a $35 cap on the monthly costs all patients face for insulin in the U.S. and its non-branded insulin, Lispro, will be brought down to $25 a vial, effective at the start of May. (Vox, BuzzFeed News)