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Black TikTok creators are turning Hogwarts into an HBCU. 

Mar 07 2023

Black TikTok creators are turning Hogwarts into an HBCU. In the wake of the Hogwarts Legacy hype last month, Black TikTokers began to create content reimagining the magical school as a historically Black University, showing how they’d party if they were a student at Hogwarts Agricultural and Magical University, or HAMU as they’re calling it. It began with a Slytherin common room meme playing the popular college hit “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes as the audio, but blew up with creators using it as the background of various Hogwarts common rooms in their videos and showing how different houses would approach various HBCU traditions and trends. While some Harry Potter fans have been divided on whether or not to support the franchise given J. K. Rowling’s controversy, Black creators say the “HAMU [trend] has nothing to do with her and everything to do with building community around their shared love of fantasy and Black culture.” (BuzzFeed News)