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Beauty brands are making products more accessible for consumers with disabilities. 

Mar 01 2023

Beauty brands are making products more accessible for consumers with disabilities. While more brands have been incorporating diversity through products suitable for all gender identities, skin tones, and body types, the disabled community is still largely overlooked. According to the CDC, 1 in 4 U.S. adults have some type of disability, which means a huge portion of consumers may be getting left out in the beauty industry. Depending on their mobility, vision, and other physical needs, some people may need more accommodating products for their personal care routines. Brands like Guide Beauty and Kohl Kreatives have entered the beauty scene with easy-to-use makeup brushes and mascara / eyeliner wands and last year, Olay created an easy open lid with distinctive brail for those with dexterity / vision challenges on one of their face creams. In addition to wanting more accessible products, 65% of Gen Z tell YPulse they would think more positively about a brand who featured differently abled models in an ad. (Fashionista)