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Washington DC’s food bloggers are everywhere. 

Feb 24 2023

Washington DC’s food bloggers are everywhere. The district’s foodie Instagrammers and TikTok personalities have infiltrated the bar / restaurant scene—and their opinions are more important than food critics ever were. These food influencers have helped boost interest and traffic to DC following the pandemic and some of them have mass cult followings. For example, Diana Nguyen and Cham “CK” Keat are the couple behind Hypefoodies, and have built a following of almost 80K on TikTok and 73K on Instagram highlighting under-­the-radar restaurants. Creator Bruce Allen was a bartender in the area and turned his love of cocktails into a “Drinks in the District” series on TikTok, “documenting sticky dive bars and swanky nightclubs” and helps to reel in visitors (his first event was a happy hour that attracted 250 followers IRL). While YPulse’s The End of Foodie Culture (As We Know It) trend report shows Millennials are more of the foodies, Gen Z still enjoys watching “what I eat in a day” style content. (Washingtonian)