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One in five kids show signs of disordered eating. 

Feb 23 2023

One in five kids show signs of disordered eating. According to a recent meta-analysis from JAMA Pediatrics, 22% of children and adolescents across the globe show disordered eating behaviors. The numbers were even “higher among girls, older adolescents and those with a higher body mass index, or BMI.” However, the study notes that disordered eating is separate from specific eating disorders. For example, disordered eating can look like “strict food rules around how much a person eats, what they are eating and how much they are exercising in relation to their food” which can all progress into specific disorders. YPulse’s Cooking and Diets report data shows that 71% of Millennial parents say their kids are picky eaters and 64% say they often worry their family is not eating enough healthy foods—which could possibly perpetuate their kids’ poor relationships with food. (CNN)