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Truly is getting a refresh as hard seltzers enter their flop era. 

Feb 22 2023

Truly is getting a refresh as hard seltzers enter their flop era. Millennials’ affinity for hard seltzers is not quite carrying over to the Gen Z crowd. While the die-hard seltzer fans love it for being a healthier alternative to beer/cocktails, YPulse data shows Gen Z is prioritizing wellness by eliminating alcohol altogether. But in order to appeal to new drinkers, Boston Beer is planning on giving Truly’s packaging and formulas a major upgrade. The brand plans on adding “real fruit juice, refin[ing] its limited-release strategy and relaunch[ing] Truly Vodka Seltzer as Truly Vodka Soda.” As the hype around hard seltzer dies down, the brand is working to stand out among a saturated product line with descriptions like “lightly flavored” for their fruity options and brighter cans. (Food Dive)