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Gen Z wants their college education to be more relatable. 

Feb 22 2023

Gen Z wants their college education to be more relatable. According to Wiley’s State of the Student Survey, “55% of undergrads and 38% of grad students reported that they were struggling to remain interested in classes they believe don’t teach practical skills.” Students have a burning desire to learn about subjects they can actually use in their future careers, otherwise they say they’re struggling to even retain the material. Students say their professors can engage them in ways that spur their interests using “real world applications” which could look like “debating modern issues like student loan forgiveness or usage of ChatGPT in a philosophy lecture.” YPulse’s Education report data shows 68% of Gen Z agree: “I don’t need college to be successful,” and if they’re not finding their courses helpful, they know there are other ways to build a career. (Fortune)