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Last year’s viral app BeReal might be entering its flop era. 

Feb 16 2023

Last year’s viral app BeReal might be entering its flop era. The social platform took Gen Z by storm in 2022 and was loved for its authentic way of showing filterless, non-curated content. Brands like Chipotle, Rare Beauty, and e.l.f. even jumped in on BeReal’s quick success, but these days it’s looking a little vacant on the app and its growth has significantly slowed. A viral tweet showing a Sensor Tower chart indicated “roughly a 95% drop in weekly U.S. downloads from the app’s 2022 peak.” Similarly, shows “BeReal was ranked in 8th place for social platforms” as of February 15, but “from February 4 to 8, its ranking among all apps declined from 64th to 109th.” Despite its virality, YPulse’s recent Social Media Monitor data shows only 19% of Gen Z uses BeReal currently, but only 11% say they use it daily, despite the ping to post randomly each day. (Glossy)