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Gen Z on TikTok created a new vocabulary when it comes to dating. 

Feb 14 2023

Gen Z on TikTok created a new vocabulary when it comes to dating. While you may have heard of terms like “red flag,” “green flag,” “shooting your shot,” and “situationship,” Gen Z has come up with a few other dating-related terms that they frequently use on their favorite platform. For example, YPulse told you about the viral “rizz,” (a derivative of charisma) where Gen Z applies the term to anyone that has a ton of game in the dating scene (think Pete Davidson), and it’s basically an updated version of 2018’s “BDE.” However, “soft launching” is a new phrase Gen Z is using to describe how they’re posting their partner on social media without giving their followers any real identifiers to who their partner is. An example of this would be a post of two meals without showing each other’s face to essentially “protect” a new relationship that may not be official just yet. YPulse data shows that while 27% of Gen Z considers posting a partner to social media a sign of commitment, 59% of Gen Z agree “I don’t want to share my relationship on social media.” (Insider)