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The future of fashion has everything to do with nostalgia. 

Jan 30 2023

The future of fashion has everything to do with nostalgia. YPulse’s Fits for the Feed trend report shows that young people say individuals like themselves and their generations are the most important people when it comes to creating new fashion trends—and they’re right, the trends they’re leading this year are all dictated by personal style. Young fashionistas are growing tired of the casual loungewear popular during the height of the pandemic. As they lean towards more vibrant colors, patterns, and maximalist styles, they’re taking inspo from past fashion trends and giving them a modern Gen Z-flare. Secondhand clothing is the new norm for this gen, and they’re creating their own nostalgic looks based on various aesthetics they connect with on apps like TikTok and Pinterest. Trends like Y2K, Regency core, and the Met Gala’s Gilded Glamour theme last year show how looks from the past are being reimagined in wearable garments considered fashionable today. (Brig News)