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Snapchat’s new campaign wants to show you what the app is for. 

Jan 30 2023

Snapchat’s new campaign wants to show you what the app is for. According to Snapchat’s chief creative officer, Snapchat is “‘the best known, [but] least understood’ social platform.” But their new “Wait’ll You See This” campaign is working to change that. Every frame in their new ad spot “is scannable and will take you to a new suite of lenses, with a few surprises like a limited-edition merch drop mixed in.” Snapchat is known for their augmented reality lenses and said they wanted AR to be at the heart of this campaign. These silly, face distorting lenses are connecting young people and the tech is helping brands reach online shoppers, too. According to the platform, “more than 250 million people engage with augmented reality (AR) on Snapchat every day, with more than 6 billion daily AR plays.” As Gen Z and Millennials continue to fuel social commerce, creating AR shopping experiences is key. YPulse’s Social Media Monitor shows that 62% of Gen Z uses Snapchat, proving it continues to be a top app for young people. (Fast Company)