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“Clean” beauty is making some major updates for Gen Z consumers in 2023. 

Dec 19 2022

“Clean” beauty is making some major updates for Gen Z consumers in 2023. In the past year, “clean” beauty proved to be one the fastest growing categories in personal care, but since the “clean” label doesn’t have a legal or regulatory definition, brands have been setting their own standards about what “clean” actually means. From ingredient safety to packaging, young consumers who have a growing desire to shop ethically and sustainably are quite confused. Beauty brand Dieux Skin is warning consumers to be cautious around “free from” claims. For TooD Beauty, sustainability is a real priority: “No harm to the endocrine system, no harm to mother earth, and no harm to mental health.” Yet other brands are facing some backlash, for example, “just last month, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Sephora for allegedly misleading customers with the ‘Clean at Sephora’ seal.” YPulse research shows that 66% of young consumers say they’re more likely to buy a personal care or beauty product that has a “clean” label on it. (Fast Company)