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An NYC school program is set on educating Black students on home buying. 

Dec 19 2022

An NYC school program is set on educating Black students on home buying. YPulse’s Life Milestones and Future Plans report data shows that 81% of Black Gen Z and Millennials say owning a home is an important personal goal to them, but Black homeownership is declining in NYC. Elementary and middle school students across the city have been taking part in the Black Housing Project program, run by the Center for NYC Neighborhoods and DIVAS for Social Justice. Students at Northeastern Adventist Academy in Laurelton celebrated their completion just last week with a presentation of a project titled, “What Makes a Home a Home?” where the students “created miniature wooden houses containing QR codes with links to audio stories of what they had learned about the importance of homeownership.” The program, which has now involved 30+ schools, “educates students on the importance of homeownership, the historical context of displacement of Black families and the obstacles to Black homeownership today.” (Queens Chronicle)