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Gen Z is torn between sustainability concerns and fast fashion convenience.

May 18 2022

Gen Z is torn between sustainability concerns and fast fashion convenience. YPulse research shows Shein is Gen Z’s favorite place to shop for clothes, but our research also shows that over half of Gen Z thinks brands should be creating more eco-friendly products. There’s a clear contradiction at work, as the gen is critical over sustainable practices while simultaneously showcasing their #sheinhaul on social media. According to the President of online resale platform thredUP, “[young consumers] want to do the right thing and shop sustainably, but boy does fast fashion make it easy and convenient for them to buy the cheap and easy and toxic product.” Their research shows that 50% of fast fashion shoppers are certain that fast fashion is harmful to the environment, but that low prices and time saving still draw them in. Affordability is still a barrier to eco-friendly products they want, and it’s easy to shop on Shein when a shirt is listed for less than $6. Ultimately, fast fashion is a “social media-fueled addiction,” and while sustainability is ideal, it’s still a bit unattainable for young shoppers who want to be on trend. At the same time, secondhand shopping is a growing alternative, with the majority of those who started buying secondhand clothes in the last year saying they “want to quit buying fast fashion all together.” (AdWeek)