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Could virtual reality meditation be the next big thing in self-care?

May 18 2022

Could virtual reality meditation be the next big thing in self-care? YPulse’s Mental Health Report found meditation is a top activity that young people are doing to improve their mental health, and nearly a third have downloaded a meditation app. Now, one startup wants them to bring that meditation to virtual reality. TRIPP, a VR meditation app, encourages users to focus on their breathing as they are transported to tropical paradises, mountain tops, and even space, where they can experience an array of relaxing visuals and sounds to relax to. While there are a plethora of smartphone meditation apps available, VR allows users to be fully immersed in calming vibes and has the potential to elicit feelings of relaxation alongside other avatars. But while we know that the popularity of mediation apps has grown, YPulse data also shows that only 11% own a VR headset, making VR meditation inaccessible to most. (Washington Post)