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A Black entrepreneur founded a skincare line for dark-skinned men. 

May 17 2022

A Black entrepreneur founded a skincare line for dark-skinned men. YPulse’s Western Europe and North American personal care and beauty shopping research found that young men are less likely than women to use skincare products. To specifically reach dark-skinned men who need better access to skincare products, Curtis Headley founded Culture1, which will be available in Europe. Headley, who is a Black man, was inspired to launch the brand due to his own skin issues, which include acne and eczema. While skin conditions like acne and psoriasis can occur in all types of skin tones, he said that it affects darker skin in different ways. For instance, dark skin is more susceptible to razor bumps and needs specific ingredients for those issues. Headley said: “The market is heavily (neglected), the need to maintain healthy skin, especially for Black men there was nothing out there.” While the products are currently still undergoing development and will launch this summer, they are expected to be “free of harsh chemicals that could inflame darker skin,” and will be certified vegan and halal. (TheGrio)