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Shein is dominating Gen Z closets, and social media is fuelling their popularity. 

May 13 2022

Shein is dominating Gen Z closets, and social media is fuelling their popularity. The hashtag #Sheinhaul has been circulating social media as both influencers and everyday users share their typically massive orders of clothes and accessories. With their cult following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Shein is most popularly featured in try-on videos where young women share the hashtag, which currently has 5.2 billion views on TikTok alone. Young consumers are making large purchases often because the clothes are trendy, with new styles dropping daily, but most importantly don’t break the bank. As one shopper notes, she can buy four outfits on Shein for the same price as one outfit at another retailer. While Gen Z is known for being sustainably-minded, the reality is that fast fashion is still very much a part of their shopping, and cheap accessible fashion is too tempting to resist. YPulse has reported that Shein is Gen Z’s favorite place to shop for clothes, and their popularity has continued skyrocketing among the generation. (Marketplace)