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Brides-to-be are saying goodbye to the traditional, “plain white wedding gown.” 

May 10 2022

Brides-to-be are saying goodbye to the traditional, “plain white wedding gown.” YPulse’s recent weddings report found that wearing white / ivory dresses has fallen out of style with Gen Z and Millennials in the last three years—and opting for brighter and bolder colors certainly seems to be catching on. According to a Brides and Investopedia study, 28% of people getting married in the next two years want to forgo the white gown and classic suit for “an atypical alternative.” Meanwhile, an Etsy study found that searches for colorful wedding items, including gowns, suits, veils, and centerpieces jumped 223% year-over-year. While most brides are still hesitant to take the leap from white to bolder colors like yellow or red, David’s Bridal reported that one out of four brides have chosen gowns in champagne or other nonwhite hues like pink, blush, or cashmere. But over the last year and a half, the company began offering black, red, and blue dresses, with colorful dresses making up about 10% of their collection—a 30% increase from last year. (NYT)