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ThirdLove is acquiring Kit Undergarments as the brand grows its youth strategy.

Apr 26 2022

ThirdLove is acquiring Kit Undergarments as the brand grows its youth strategy. ThirdLove announced it’s acquiring Kit Undergarments, a three-year-old intimates brand aimed at 18-34-year-olds that features “outfit-perfecting components often found in a stylist’s toolbox,” like bandage tape and unstructured bras. The brand relaunches today as Kit Undergarments for ThirdLove where it will sell exclusively on ThirdLove’s website. Though the two brands have worked together in the past, the acquisition comes at a time when “[ThirdLove] is starting to focus on how to win in the Gen Z market” as its core consumer has been Millennial women. Instead of creating something new and out of the box for Gen Z, ThirdLove sees its acquisition of Kit Undergarments as a natural next step for growing its young consumer base with products they already know and love, joining Victoria’s Secret and Aerie which are actively growing their young customer base with Gen Z-focused lines. Kit Undergarments for ThirdLove will announce the rebrand on Instagram, and it has gifted the product to influencers, friends, and clients who will also promote the launch. (Glossy)