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Degree is hosting the world’s first virtual marathon inside Decentraland.

Apr 26 2022

Degree is hosting the world’s first virtual marathon inside Decentraland. The personal care brand is teaming up with Decentraland, rapper Fat Joe, and paralympic athlete Blake Leeper on Degree Metathon, a metaverse sports event kicking off today (April 26). Degree Metathon is intended to improve inclusivity and representation in the metaverse by allowing anyone of any ability to participate, which builds from its Breaking Limits Program. The event will cover 26.2 virtual miles of Decentraland’s Vegas City Sports Quarter (its largest district), featuring accessible ramps for wheelchair users. Unilever worked with Decentraland to include more inclusive avatar options, including prostheses, running blades, and a wheelchair, and the effort stems from research that found 60% of people feel virtual worlds lack inclusivity. YPulse’s Metaverse trend research shows 84% of virtual world gamers have or are interested in participating in a brand event in their virtual world, and it’s important for brands to show up in meaningful ways to authentically engage in this space. (Marketing Dive)