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“Woo” is an emerging media company going after wellness-averse Gen Z and Millennials.

Apr 26 2022

“Woo” is an emerging media company going after wellness-averse Gen Z and Millennials. Playing on wellness “woo-woo”—a term that means “adhering to unconventional beliefs with little or no scientific basis”—Woo was founded by Stephen Mai, who has experience in youth media as the former CMO of Boiler Room and LadBible. Mai created Woo as a wellness media company that “doesn’t conform to tropes,” and “feels accessible, democratic, and aspirational.” Woo is backed by ITV’s Studio 55 ventures and launches in September where it expects its ecommerce marketplace to be a key revenue driver by selling curated wellness products Gen Z and Millennials are interested in, like CBD items, candles, skincare, beauty, sexual wellness brands, and other “feel-good” products like streetwear, books, and music. Content will span multiple video series, social media, and podcasts. Shows will include The Bigger Trip, which will explore Gen Z’s use of psychedelics, Nature’s Calling, a comedy about TikTok star Oatmilk Leader and musician Niko B, Life in Love, a documentary following real Gen Z couples, and Higher Frequencies, a sound healing series using music from emerging artists. Woo also plans to form brand partnerships via branded editorial content, experiences, and art installations in the future. As conversations around wellness and mental health continue entering mainstream media, Woo wants to be a place dedicated to intentional wellness practices for young people—not just another stereotypical wellness destination. (Adweek)