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Up-and-coming shapewear brands are rewriting the “body positivity” narrative for the better.

Apr 25 2022

Up-and-coming shapewear brands are rewriting the “body positivity” narrative for the better. Gen Z and Millennials have been fueling the body positivity movement for some time now, demanding body diversity in media and calling on fashion brands to create styles for all body types. As the movement evolves, up-and-coming shapewear brands are redefining what size inclusivity and body positivity truly mean with messaging that isn’t about achieving an “ideal silhouette” but enhancing the curves of every body. Take Lizzo’s new shapewear line, Yitty. Described as “shapewear reinvented,” Yitty is “designed for every single body” and offers a comfortable, powerful solution to traditional shapewear that’s designed to restrict certain parts of the body rather than complement it. Meanwhile, Kurvwear features products designed to enhance curves, not reduce them. And Shapellx is known for destigmatizing wearing shapewear by celebrating its versatility for being worn underneath clothes or as an entire outfit. While shapewear has traditionally “been about altering the body to appear thinner, smoother, and sucked in,” new brands are flipping the narrative by giving wearers the power to decide how they want to appear. Our research shows 70% of Gen Z say featuring models with a range of body types in an ad makes them think positively about a brand. (Glossy)