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Millennials now make up nearly half of all U.S. homebuyers. 

Apr 12 2022

Millennials now make up nearly half of all U.S. homebuyers. New data from the National Association of Realtors found that 24-41-year-olds made up 43% of all U.S. homebuyers last year, making them the largest share of homebuyers. Still, the majority are still renting, and for those who have achieved the home buying milestone, financial help from their parents has been vital. The National Association of Realtors notes 25% of homebuyers ages 23-31-years-old received down payment help as a gift from a friend or relative, which hasn’t changed much since 2014 when 26% of all homebuyers younger than 33-years-old reported receiving their down payment as a gift. Meanwhile, nearly one-third of older Millennials say they used the proceeds from their first home to finance a new one, signaling how sealing the deal on the first home is the gateway to future home buying for this gen. YPulse’s life milestones research shows saving for a home is one of Millennials’ top five goals this year, while 38% say owning a home has become more important to them because of the pandemic. (NBC News)