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Absolut Vodka is headed to the metaverse to celebrate the return of Coachella.

Apr 12 2022

Absolut Vodka is headed to the metaverse to celebrate the return of Coachella. The vodka brand has installed a virtual activation in Decentraland dubbed Absolut.Land where visitors can explore a three-floor building designed after the Absolut Vodka bottle. Floor one is a virtual bar featuring a bartender who doles out digital wearables and cocktail recipes for visitors to try at home; Floor two includes a gallery of iconic Absolut ads users can explore and take selfies; And floor three features a rainbow-themed Pride room where users can score wearables for posting about their experience on social media. A real-life Absolut.Land activation is also coming to Coachella: A kiosk will be available inside the Absolut tent at the music festival where visitors can enter the virtual world to tend the bar and distribute wearables to anyone visiting Absolut.Land at home. YPulse’s Metaverse trend research shows 61% of virtual world gamers say they’re more likely to purchase from brands that interact with the virtual world(s) they’re a part of. (AdAgeMarketing Dive)