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Kiramoon is a purpose-driven skincare line that was (literally) made for Gen Z.

Apr 11 2022

Kiramoon is a purpose-driven skincare line that was (literally) made for Gen Z. Not only does Kiramoon’s adorable packaging scream Gen Z, the skincare line is on a mission to end the stigma of mental illness. Founder Lindsey Martin created Kiramoon after experiencing a period of burnout, grief, and anxiety, noting that she always looked forward to nights spent winding down with a skincare routine, but didn’t love the “sterile” packaging of most skincare products. Martin wanted to bring the “magic” of skincare to her own brand, Kiramoon, which features moon globes, hydrating cleanser, a resurfacing facial, serums, and more—all decked out in Kiramoon’s playful pink packaging. What’s more, a portion of proceeds is donated to Bring Change to Mind, a non-profit working to end the stigma around anxiety and depression. Gen Z is a generation that wants to shop brands that are purpose-driven and support the social causes they believe in, with mental health help / care being one of the top social causes they’re passionate about right now(Teen Vogue)