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Gen Z Tinder users are dating differently than Millennials.

Apr 08 2022

Gen Z Tinder users are dating differently than Millennials. YPulse’s dating and relationships research found that Gen Z and Millennials are taking a casual approach to dating, with 52% of 18-24-year-olds who use dating apps saying they use them just for fun / to pass the time. This approach is also known as “slow dating,” as Tinder’s new CEO, Renate Nyborg puts it, explaining that while the “Millennial journey” on Tinder was, for the most part, to match, chat online, then meet up for a date within a week or two, Gen Z is approaching dating at a much slower pace. “You match with someone, you chat, you go on an Animal Crossing date, you chat some more, you exchange Spotify playlists, and then two months later, you might go on a date,” says Nyborg. This “slow dating” approach is a more intentional way of getting to know someone in a variety of mediums before meeting in-person, which makes sense considering A) young dating app users are more cautious to meet in-person because of the pandemic and B) they’re using dating apps for fun, not to “fall in love.” (Fortune)