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“Grandmillennial” jewelry is taking over as consumers reflect on simpler times.

Mar 29 2022

“Grandmillennial” jewelry is taking over as consumers reflect on simpler times. We told you that “grandpacore” will be a popular fashion trend Gen Z and Millennials fuel in 2022 as they look to their parents’ and grandparents’ “effortless and fresh” styles for inspiration. Playing on this trend, “grandmillennial” jewelry is emerging as consumers look to pieces that resemble the “heritage jewelry” of their older relatives—like opal strands, brooches, rings etched with names and dates, and lockets. “Grandmillennial” jewelry is more about memorialization than it is nostalgia as it represents the “superpower of jewelry” for connecting consumers to pieces of the past. Jewelers are getting in on the emerging trend: Laurel Pantin and Victoria Lampley founded a jewelry consultancy, The Stax, to help consumers reset inherited pieces to their taste. Meanwhile, when jeweler Ashley Zang’s dad passed away, she bought a fragile gold pendant dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria. After wearing it for weeks, she recreated it with an updated shape for a modern mourning collection following the same motif. “As soon as we launched, we had orders coming in,” Zhang says of the new line. According to one industry expert and stylist, “Wearing Granny’s beads with Mom’s jeans and Dad’s blazer [has never been more popular].” (Elle)